Neptune Fire District #1 Mission and Responsibilities

The mission of the Neptune Township Fire District #1 is to provide the highest level of fire suppression, fire prevention and fire inspection services to the tax payers of Neptune Fire District #1.   The District employs 4 Career Firefighters, a Fire Official and part-time Fire Inspector, and relies on dozens of dedicated and trained volunteer firefighters to achieve this goal.  Our firefighters respond to over 1000 fire calls annually responding in a rapid and effective manner.  Our Fire Prevention Bureau inspects over 900 businesses within the District as well as multiple dwellings annually.  The inspections are to ensure compliance with the provisions of the NJ State Uniform Fire Code in order to keep everyone fire safe.  The Fire Bureau and our Firefighters, both Career and Volunteer participate each October in Fire Prevention Month activities at each of the Schools and Day Cares in the District educating our youth on fire prevention measures to take in their homes.  The Board Office/Fire Prevention Bureau is located at 1120 Corlies Avenue, adjacent to the Unexcelled Firehouse (East Side) and is open Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.

The Fire District is governed by an elected five member Board of Fire Commissioners.  The Commissioners meet monthly, usually on the third Tuesday of the month to review operations, discuss and approve capital improvements and equipment needs and approve the payment of bills.  The Board adopts an annual budget in conformance with the laws of the State of New Jersey as promulgated by the State Department of Community Affairs.  Each Commissioner serves for a three year term and are elected during the annual Fire District Election held on the third Saturday in February.

With the approval of the Board of Fire Commissioners, the District Fire Chief and Assistant Fire Chief are selected from the members in a rotation from each of the four fire companies in the District:  Hamilton, Liberty, Shark River Hills and Unexcelled.  Each of the four companies elects their own Captain and 2 Lieutenants.  All officers are sworn into office at a New Years Day Ceremony.

The Fire District staffs all four companies during times of severe weather conditions or when any other situation threatens to compromise the rapid response of firefighters.

Neptune’s four new 2006 Pierce Engines. This photograph was take on Neptune Boulevard outside of Town Hall. Photograph courtesy of Dennis Sharpe of 1st Responder News.

A structure fire on Eleventh Avenue during below freezing temperatures. Photograph by Firefighter Bhak Tanta-Nanta of Hamilton Fire Company

The Neptune Fire District #1 consists of four volunteer fire companies and a career division to respond to fires and emergencies in Neptune. They are Hamilton Fire Company (Station 1) 10 Jumping Brook Rd; Liberty Fire Company (Station 2) 1518 Monroe Ave; Shark River Hills Fire Company (Station 3) 200 Brighton Ave; and  Unexcelled Fire Company (Station 4)1120 Corlies Ave. The Career Division (Engine Company 34-74) rotates during the week to each firehouse for building maintenance, equipment and apparatus maintenance in addition to answering fire calls and assisting with first aid calls within the District.


The Neptune Fire Department participates in community events. Each fire company is located in the heart of their respective response areas. All are involved in community events.You can see fire department personnel at events such as Memorial Day, Neptune Day, Little League events, and many more.

Natalie Manco, a member of the Hamilton Fire Company, at the Baskin Robbins 31 Cent Night.

2010 Pipeline 9
Members of the Shark River Hills Fire Company during a County-wide Pipeline drill held October 10, 2010

Firefighters are required to receive training in firefighting, rescue and emergency operations. The Neptune Fire Department is very proactive in implementing an aggressive training program for its members.