Career Division

The Career Division of the Neptune Fire Department are on duty Monday through Friday from 0700 to 1600 hours. The crew operates Engine 34-74 and is comprised of six firefighters.

Career Division Staff

Captain/Firefighter/EMT Christopher Armada

Firefighter/EMT Matthew Kepler

Firefighter/EMT Bryan Bonanno

Firefighter/EMT Kyle Reid

Firefighter/EMT Franklin Doremus

Firefighter/EMT Nicholas Krauss

The Career Division is stationed at one of the four Neptune firehouses each day, on a rotating schedule. Monday is a rotating day, Tuesday at Station-2, Wednesday at Station-3 and Thursday at Station-4. Friday at Station – 1.

NEW 34-74New 34-74


The Career Division at Smokehouse Drill 11/25/13

  The two Mack’s at the Smokehouse Drill 11/25/13